About us

About Copytech Corporation

Copytech Group operates in Israel and on the global market since 1988 and specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for modern office and expertise in the field of photography and advanced printing organization. The company imports, sells and distributes printers, copiers, multifunctional machines, computers, laptops, tablets, scanners, shredders and projectors.

Copytech imports, markets and provides national on-site service for a variety of leading brands:


.Since its founding, Copytech strives for professional excellency in providing service and solutions with an emphasis on impeccable service and call Center service in the top priority in order to satisfy all demands and can organize regular activities

.The experience accumulated by the company in the execution of thousands of projects, combined with the size and scope of the activities let Copytech Group offer a wide range of services and solutions under one roof
.In today's challenging world, paper and printing are high part of the Organization's budget, Copytech works to streamline and reduces the costs

Copytech specializes in implementing and mapping process through characterization of users needs, collects information using the printer monitoring software and analyzing the work process. As a result of the analysis, Copytech offers the customer a total solution that streamlines the process of document production
while saving up to 40% on costs

Copytech standerizes ISO 9001:2008 Standard Institute

The company tested and was found suitable for requirements of the standard and the international standard in the field of import, sale, rental and maintenance service

Copytech is a recognized provider of large institutions and organizations providing service to thousands of customers and users from all sectors of the economy.

Copytech strives for green environment reusing consumables, paper-saving and energy-efficient appliances and so you are encouraging customers with no effort to use eco-friendly products

Our company operates a nationwide and quick service

professional call Center service

Call centre operator technicians-nationwide delivery. 50 technicians nationwide

Help desk -Technicians that support remote clients and give real-time solutio